Beautiful and Comprehensible Google Analytics Reports

Google Analytics Reporting Tool

Google Analytics Is for Geeks,
Picnic Metrics Is for Marketers

Google Analytics can be hard to digest. Picnic Metrics simplifies the data into one dashboard and then sends you weekly emails detailing your most important stats.

What will Picnic Metrics track for you?

  • How many visitors stopped by your website
  • How many pages were viewed by your visitors
  • Where each visitor is leaving your website
  • Month to month traffic comparison
  • How much time visitors are staying on your website
  • Who is referring to your website
  • Where your visitors are coming from
  • Your most viewed pages
  • and much more...
Google Analytics Report Email

Comprehensible Google Analytics Reports Straight to Your Mailbox

Navigating in Google Analytics is a pain. Everyone knows it. Audience data is in one tab while behavior data is on another page. In Picnic Metrics, it’s simple: everything is in one place.